ETEN (European Training and Education Network) is a powerful association, which has been present in several European countries. Under the aegis of ETEN, four hosting organizations (1CEBA, Austraining, Bamos and Evolvo) coordinate their work.

ETEN mainly specialized to Erasmus+ KA102 and KA116 projects, which deals with vocational education and training. The network provides various services from project writing to project realization for vocational education and training schools. ETEN has a network of territorial coordinators all over Europe who acquired the expertise of project writing. In these cases, ETEN has contribution all parts of the project from the project writing to the implementation. On one hand, ETEN tries to reach those schools, which have no capacity to write projects on their own. It is one of the missions of the network to plug in those regions/schools into the bloodstream of European cooperation, which has no chance to do so without a little assistance.

On the other hand, ETEN is ready to cooperate with those schools, which already has knowledge in project writing, and they would write their projects on their own. In these cases, the host organizations in Budapest, Barcelona, Milan and Vienna could provide services (a so-called slim assistance) for the experienced schools during the implementation. ETEN organize tailor-made programs for the participants, thus the results are always a useful but also unforgettable. Amongst many other services, ETEN provides hosting support, work placement at relevant OID registered host companies (each of our host organization has cooperation around 200 companies), accommodation, language courses and cultural programmes. During these 2-4 weeks of internships, students have to cope with new challenges in a totally new environment, which on one hand is a great experience, but on the other hand also useful for their future.