VIENNA (Austria) at

The one-time metropolis of the Monarchy has not lost any of its charm. Vienna is the capital and the biggest town of Austria, and at the same time the country’s political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation center. In 2013 its population exceeded 1.7 million, thus it belongs to Austria’s most populated cities and is the European Union’s most populated city. Today, it still plays a determining role, is the third seat of the ENSZ in addition to New York and Genf. Thanks to its history, rich cultural and art treasures, it is one of most popular tourist destinations in Europa. Those visiting Vienna will have a lot of options to enjoy culture and gastronomy: who wouldn’t know Wiener Schnitzel, or a lot of other magnificent tastes taken over from countries of the one-time Monarchy? In the famous Vienna cafés one may have a rest with a slice of Sacher cake. In the evening have a mug of beer in one of the bars that offer a wide domestic variety for everyone. When you visit sights you should not only see Stephans Dom, the Opera, the Parliament, the Town House, the Castle Park (Prater), and the market (Naschmarkt) but also visit Hofburg and the Schönbrunn Castle with its beautiful park and fountains. Once in Vienna downtown, it is compulsory to have a real Vienna latte in one of the unforgettable cafés or confectionaries, or simple eat an original Vienna sausage (wurst) and enjoy the still full elegance and beauty of the one-time imperial city. In addition to its beauty it is an important aspect that Austria’s capital as a commercial, industrial, travelling, and tourist center also plays a significant role for those who wish to spend their professional practice abroad – almost in all groups of professions: from health care to social trades, from industrial, engineering, logistics, and managing professions to tourism and catering trade.

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Our association, the First Central European Benefit Association (1CEBA) provides you with an opportunity to try out yourself and see how independent you can be, gain professional experiences abroad, improve your knowledge of a foreign language, and spend a short but very busy time to get to know a European city. We’re doing this with Europeanism in mind in the framework of the European Union, using the Erasmus+ program. Both in Hungary and all over Europe our colleagues with experiences of several years welcome students (from high schools and colleges) who feel professionally ambitious and adventurous enough to try out themselves for a few weeks in a foreign city while living the everyday life of local people. 1CEBA is giving you assistance to do all this free of charge! With all our might we’ll try to help you realize your ideas. But of course we will need you for this! Study, develop, experience, and open a window to Europe!