The scholarship has come to an end, but love not

This year, Erasmus, the world’s largest educational exchange program, will be thirty years old. As part of the scholarship program, 9 million young people have traveled abroad, learned languages, discovered foreign cultures, acquired friends and, of course, fell into in love in several places in the word. On this anniversary and the Europe Day the exhibition presented ten couples who felt in love during the Erasmus program and are living together until today. Their stories and photos also shows that the exchange program helps the European integration, which can enrich the lives of participants in many ways.

Since 1998 from Hungary 66,000 students have participated in the program, but together with the Erasmus co-programs, a total of 230,000 Hungarian teachers, volunteers and trainees got international experience. In the meantime, more and more students come from abroad to Hungary and in the last year there were more who came to study here than who went to another country.

Through the works of the photo-editors, we can take a look in the live of ten couples who have some Hungarian affiliation. The open-air exhibition can be seen from the 7th of May on Szabadság Square in Budapest, after which it will be shown in several towns from the country.

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